About Us

Vasz Books is a book publishing company founded in 2009, in Yonkers, New York.

Vasz Books is the result of finding a specific connection in the industry with local and International authors with impacting stories.

We understand the publishing process very well and we are confident that we can provide a unique and professional experience for our future authors. We have carefully chosen our selective team of professionals working together with Vasz Books to provide a competent and professional result for our publishing goals.

The publisher has a set mission and that is to become an influence and notable publisher in North America.

Our mission is to work with a handful of authors that have been strictly chosen by our publisher’s selective approach, of only choosing authors that aligned with our foundation based on quality and success, with their current field of expertise and style of writing. We strongly believe in this approach and we owe it to the reader, as the publisher to provide quality and unthinkable stories that impact people’s lives in a positive way!

Our vision is to maintain the quality of authors as we have done from the start of our first published book. The only way to stand out is to maintain the quality of authors and books that can bring the reader an impact to their life and the lives of others.

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