Eniko Nyerges – author of Images of Faith. The book is available to order.

Deacon Nicholas A. Mazzei, is the author of My Rosary and More and Los Misterios del Rosario (Spanish version). Deacon Nicholas, walks you thru his prayers and the devotion of the holy rosary.

Andres Botero, author of Rachel Insectario a non fiction book about a girl name Rachel and how she relates her life with those of the insects, a great read for those seeking to understand how life is similar to insects being, this book is in Spanish.

Monsignor Jesus Delgado – author of Asi Tenia Que Morir Sacerdote – This book is a diary of Monsignor Oscar Romero. Mons. Romero was shot and killed during the civil war in El Salvador. This book is in Spanish and it tells his young priesthood story of his early days in Rome, Italy.