Divine Fire in My Soul



Greetings my friends and relatives in Christ. All stories are either outer or inner visions and experiences in life situations, where God steps in and drives home a point so effortlessly as one can understand and handle. I am all ears to listen, and willing to follow His instructions on the road to Heaven. We all are pilgrims in this life and God provides the necessary instructions and map, in order that we arrive safely to Heaven’s gate. I advise all to plug your umbilical cord into Heaven, while you are completing your mission here on Earth. Time is short, for one never knows when God calls us home. Do the best you can and leave the rest in God’s hands. He always accomplishes what He began in you. I am not promoting myself or my visions and experiences as to boast about them, but simply trying to pass on the knowledge that God gives me. I do not seek glory or honor, but I have to pass these on, so you too my dear reader would know how much your Heavenly Father loves you. All you need is a willing, loving heart and two listening ears. It’s not rocket science, but pure love overload on their part willing to impart to whoever would like it and work with it. We have a loving ABBA in Heaven, who loves His children very much, even if they are mischievous. God bless all of you who take time out to learn. I know I did. Happy reading. Who knows what you may get out of it.


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