The Divine Inspiration Behind Eniko Nyerges’ Books: The Interview

Eniko Nyerges is the author of two books: “Divine Fire in my soul” and “Images of faith paperback.” In a recent interview, Eniko shared her journey as a writer and her experiences writing books that are centered around her faith and relationship with God. Eniko explained that she has been writing since she was a child. She used to write to her mother in school, and she won second place in an essay competition at her school. Eniko also shared that she used to write poems and enjoyed entertaining people, even though she was a quiet person. She believes that she can simplify complex things in her writing.

Eniko’s writing process is unique as she only uses paper and pen to communicate with God. She describes herself as God’s secretary and feels that she is merely a vessel for God’s word to come through. Eniko did not have any particular authors or books that influenced her writing style. She has no particular writing style as she believes that God speaks through her and transmits whatever message he wants to convey.

Initially she did not want her books to be published as they were very personal. However, after meeting a Filipino priest, he convinced her that other people should learn from her experiences. Eniko eventually agreed and took seven years to publish her books due to complications with other publishers.

Eniko has received positive responses and reactions from readers who feel that they are not alone and have connected with God through her books. She feels that her writing is inspirational for them, and she wants to be a light in their lives. She sees herself as a writer who will continue to transmit God’s word through her books in the future. Eniko has a new project, “The Book of Miracles,” which was given to her by God.

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